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Broadband Adoption

“Begin with the end in mind” is one of the seven habits of highly effective people, from Stephen R. Covey’s book of the same name. The ultimate goal, or “end state,” of a locality’s broadband adoption program is defined by the positive change it will make in the social, economic, or cultural life of its citizens. Based on commonly reported barriers, localities should focus upon the following goals to take broadband adoption to the next level. These goals are as follows:

1. Remove or Reduce the Cost Barrier to allow those citizens who otherwise would have access to take advantage of broadband services.
2. Increase Awareness of non-adopters of broadband to help them understand how being online can benefit their day to day lives as well as educating these citizens on the services that are available to them.
3. Establish Relevance for non-adopters of broadband by making services available online that can benefit non-adopters giving them a reason to be online as well as those citizens who are already online.
4. Continue to improve availability of broadband services in areas where service is not currently available.
The detailed strategies outlined for the target groups listed on the left are intended to provide localities with ideas for meeting the goals above which will in turn increase overall broadband adoption within the county. Without ownership and action, these “ideas” will remain just that, an “idea”. Counties must take ownership of these strategies and set forth an action plan to turn these “ideas” into reality which will translate into greater adoption numbers for the county and allow the county to realize the benefits of broadband.
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