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Electronic Business (e-business) applications (including purchasing, supply chain management, internal communications, inventory management) are some of the most widely utilized solutions driving broadband demand today.  A subset of e-business is e-commerce, or the buying and selling of products over the Internet or other computer networks,  is one of the most long-standing and sustainable functions in the history of the Internet.  According to Forrester Research, despite volatility in the economy, online transactions continues to grow as organizations struggle to appeal to consumers and partners who are becoming increasingly driven by the desire to have 24/7 access, convenience, and reduced transaction costs.

For businesses and organizations (large and small), having the ability to transact electronically with customers, suppliers, and value chain members is no longer a luxury – it is a requirement. For small organizations lacking an IT staff, the challenge of entering the world of e-commerce (or e-business) can be daunting, even prohibitive.  To answer the challenges that “getting online” can pose, Christopher Newport University established the Virginia Electronic Commerce Technology Center (VECTEC) dedicated to helping organizations build and maintain an online presence.