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Communities developing a “business case” for broadband deployments often overlook potential “in-kind” elements that can be integral to the effort.   State and local government assets (tangible and intangible) are the “unsung heroes” of broadband deployments.  The ability to capitalize on existing assets can dramatically deployment costs and enhance deployments exponentially.

When considering “what” types of in-kind assets the community has to offer – consider the following:

Does your community own (or have ready access to) structures (tall buildings, water tanks, high buildings), rights-of-way or public safety radio towers that can be utilized in a broadband deployment?  
Communities who waive, or at a minimum reduce initial and monthly structure attachment fees can greatly reduce the capital expense associated with an initial broadband build-out.

Are their state-owned assets (rights of way, buildings, State Police towers) in the area?  
If so, contact the appropriate agency or the VA Department of General Services to obtain access. 

Are there other communication related projects planned or underway in the area? 
Coordinating efforts can greatly enhance a proposed deployment by providing opportunities for maximizing coverage and minimizing the likelihood of overbuilding and duplicative infrastructure.  Too often, departments and organizations in a community initiate independent single use telecommunication projects.  The result is a patchwork of fragmented, stand-alone networks that do not adequately address long-term need and typically require additional funding to re-engineer or maintain…costs that could likely be avoided through coordinated planning and deployment.

Does your commmunity have (or are you willing to create) a process for expediting zoning and permitting processes?
Local zoning requirements, permitting fees, and processes critical elements that can “make or break” the deployment of broadband services.  Communities who take time (up front) to review and update their current policies and convert them into “fast-track,” broadband friendly formats stand to greatly reduce the amount of time, cost, (and frustration) it takes to move from network design to service availability.

Does your community own (or can you rent) land that could be used for infrastructure placement?
Many communities in Virginia have successfully implemented broadband solutions by leveraging community owned real estate or property that could be leased by the community at a favorable rate.

Does your leadership team have the willingness to think and act creatively?
Successfully executing a community led broadband deployment takes everyone involved bringing everything they have to the table.  The commitment and willingness to creatively resolve issues that arise will be the asset above all others that will bring even the toughest deployment to fruition.