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Time Saving Tips

Reducing the time between initiating a broadband planning process and actually “flipping the switch” is a matter of preparation and using the new tools, resources and sample documents that are now available.  Furthermore, there is much to be learned from the experience of others.  Those communities listed on this site have volunteered their expertise and information so that communities getting started can more quickly ascend the learning curve and reach deployment status.  Some key points to remember:

  • Assemble a team of committed individuals who believe (and are willing to stand up for) the process
  • Make sure your policy and procedure house is in order – comprehensive plans, community zoning regulations and process, policies, fees, etc. must be broadband “friendly”.
  • Use the community tool-kit and mapping information available through this site to expedite the planning process.
  • Leverage (policy, physical, in-kind) resources at your disposal – PPEA, VRA, Wireless Authorities, etc.
  • Ask for Assistance! The Office of Telework Promotion and Broadband Assistance, CIT, DHCD, and community leaders with successful deployments are all happy to assist.